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Friday 16th October 2009: Your Jokes

Hello! Welcome to my highly entertaining and probably world-changing internet presence. This is your opportunity to laugh with me. Or at me. Which, frankly, doesnít take much... I'm an 18 year-old virgin who wears glasses and lives with his parents.

I have quite a bit of spare time on my hands these days since I failed in my mother's lifelong quest to get me into Oxford (surely my mother has told you about that?) So, Iíve set up rudemasood. Itís a place where at least some kind of rude action takes place. Some in my bedroom would be nice too. But one step at a time...

Take a look at my impressions, jokes and stand-up material. I will be keeping this updated. You might like them, you might not. I don't mind. I'm used to rejection. Any Oxford freshers out there? We could have been friends.